Walk-in Tub Installation & Service

Walk-in tubs are quickly becoming the go-to choice when remodeling or updating your bathroom. From alleviating pain in aching joints, muscle tension and circulation issues, arthritis and many other common conditions from which people suffer, walk-in tubs provide a healing option for any age or need. Athletes, on-the-go moms and dads, those experiencing mobility issues, aging family and friends, and anyone trying to destress can benefit from a walk-in tub – allowing for repair of the body and the rigors we humans put it through.

Jetta Walk-in Tub

Jetta Walk-In Tubs

Purchasing a walk-in tub comes with the expectation of excellence. Jetta Walk-in Tubs are manufactured in Edmond, Oklahoma and pride themselves on quality craftsmanship and they guarantee their work. Not many businesses offer guarantees, but Jetta is top notch and they stand behind their product. From basic options to deluxe features, Jetta offers multiple whirlpool settings from back, calf and foot jets with adjustable speeds for specific sensibilities, LED lighting for enhanced relaxation, removable parts for cleaning and sterilizing to ensure sanitation – just to name a few of the custom options available when purchasing your walk-in tub.

Jetta Walk-in Tubs are guaranteed to remain within two degrees of the original temperature after a continued 30 minutes of use. These tubs are manufactured as a solid unit with no opportunity for leaks or cracks. Since a walk-in tub requires you to remain inside the tub while water enters and exits the tub, Jetta Tubs has created several technological features that allow for quick fill and drain times compared to traditional water flow levels. Back support and proper placement of mobility support bars are a key component for comfort and safety when entering and exiting the bath.

Tub Repair

If you experience a problem with your newly installed walk-in tub, Keck Plumbing is fully licensed and prepared to service your plumbing issue. A Jetta Tubs purchase comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the shell, door and door seal – making your investment water-tight!* Call Keck Plumbing today to unwind and rejuvenate your body with a walk-in tub. We want your experience with a walk-in tub to be one you recommend to your friends, family, co-workers and anyone you know who wants a restful soak in a premier tub.

Tub Installation

Keck Plumbing will provide turnkey installation and coordination of services to have your walk-in tub be fully operational and ready for use. We will provide an onsite assessment of your current space requirements for a remodel or work with your contractor if you are building a new home. Once the specifications are gathered, Keck Plumbing will provide you with purchase options and a timeline for delivery and installation and customize a new tub with your own personal preferences in mind. Investing in a walk-in tub demands that you get exactly what you want, in fact, we demand it! We will explain and provide you with all the necessary information to make the best selection for your specifications.

Hiring a seasoned, licensed plumber could be the difference between a great new investment in your health or a huge nightmare for your wallet! Keck Plumbing has the experience necessary to coordinate services if your tub installation requires HVAC upgrades or enhancements. This investment, like anything worthwhile, requires a sequence of events for maximum efficiency. Once installed, we test the unit and train you on its functionality in order for you to receive the supreme benefit. Service after the sale is no further than a phone call away if you need additional support.

View a gallery of one of our installs in Quincy, IL: