About Keck Plumbing

Keck Plumbing has been providing top-quality plumbing services in the Quincy, IL area since 1997. We are a Better Business Bureau A+ rated plumbing company in Quincy and we strive to ensure each customer’s satisfaction.

We are happy to extend our exceptional customer and technical services to you and your family in Quincy and Adams County, Illinois, Springfield and Sangamon County, Illinois, Hannibal and Marion County, Missouri, and in La Grange and Lewis County, Missouri. We even cover southeastern Iowa!

It is our mission to leave homeowners and business owners alike happy with the services provided. We know plumbing issues can make our clients fearful, unsafe, or uncomfortable, so we work to turn things around.

History of Keck Plumbing

In November of 2000, Keck Plumbing incorporated our business. In October of 2012, we purchased a “Trained in 21 Century Method” to rehabilitate pipes without the destruction of property. In May of 2015, David Keck’s son, Austin joined the Keck Plumbing team trained exclusively in the pipe rehabilitation methods. Austin makes it the third generation of the Keck name serving the Tri-State area.

In March of 2016, Keck Plumbing added an additional method to repair pipes without destruction. This method uses an epoxy coating process to line the inside of pipes, including drain line pipes, PVC pool lines, and fire suppression lines. In August of 2017, we celebrated 20 years of serving the Quincy area with plumbing services.

Quincy Plumbing Experts

2018 was a big year for Keck Plumbing. In May, we completed a major project for a nursing home in Center, Missouri where we recoated ductile iron fire suppression line that was leaking underground. We saved that customer the massive expense of having their fire system down and the extensive mess of replacing line adjacent to their kitchen area.

In August, we installed our 50th cured in place liner using CIPP installation methods for a customer in Quincy. The customer had replaced a sidewalk from the house to the curb with new concrete and they had a massive oak tree with a 10-foot diameter root system under the sewer line. The sewer was relined from the newly cleaned out tree location to the city main. Then in December, Keck Plumbing began researching current methods to recoat domestic water lines to prevent possible lead leaching into water supply lines to homes and businesses.

Do you have questions about plumbing, our services, or our company in general? Please contact us any time!

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