Trenchless Pipe Repair Services

No Dig Sewer Repair with Perma-Liner Lateral Repair - Quincy, IL

Keck Plumbing specializes in fixing your sewer line without digging up your yard!


A failed or broken sewer pipeline doesn't mean you have to dig it up to repair the issue. We can save your road, lawn, patio, garden or landscaping with this trenchless pipe repair technology. This sewer repair method also saves you the expense of digging an ugly trench with huge piles of dirt, mud or mess.


Keck Plumbing is a certified Perma-Liner™ installer. Perma-Liner™ Industries has developed a proven method to rehabilitate pipelines with Perma-Lateral™ system. Almost every broken sewer line can be repaired IN PLACE with the Perma-Lateral™ system. Our sewer pipeline repair system can handle pipes ranging from 2 to 28 inches in diameter utilizing a "local" sectional repair system. When the Perma-Liner™ has cured, a structural new pipe has been created in place of your old sewer line.

Picote Pipe Coating

For renovation plumbing projects, Keck Plumbing uses a simple, fast and practical coating system. Picote Brush Coating™ system can coat any pipes from a small area of your house to an entire piping system like an apartment complex. There is minimal disruption as we avoid those costly excavation expenses.


Old Pipe Before Repair

Sewer Line with Massive Root Intrusion

Deteriorating Sewer Pipe

Deteriorating Sewer Pipe

After Sewer Pipeline Lining

After Relining Sewer Pipe - Like New Again!

Before Sewer Line Repair

This video shows the inside of a heavily damaged sewer line.

This video shows the inside of a damaged cast iron sewer line.

After Sewer Line Repair

See the results with this video from the inside of a sewer line repaired with our Perma-Liner system. This previously damaged sewer pipeline was repaired without the need to dig an expensive trench.